How Much E-Liquid Should You Buy?

How long does a bottle of e-liquid last, and how much should you buy?


It’s never easy to find a delicious e-liquid that lasts you long enough. It seems as soon as you find one, the bottle is empty, and when you go back for more, they never have it. That’s why grabbing a few bottles of your favourite e-liquid when it’s available is vital, but how much e-liquid should you buy, and how long is that vape liquid going to last?

Unfortunately, answering this question without knowing what type of vaporizer you’re using and how much you vape isn’t the most natural question in the world to explain. The first thing that you need to look at is how often you go through a tank of e-liquid. If you’re using about a tank of e-liquid per day, and your tank is 2ml, then you’ll need approximately 14mls of e-liquid per week.

Now, calculate how long your bottle of e-liquid is going to last. You need to account for days where you’re not at work, and you can vape more often as well as any leakage or spillage when you’re filling your vape tank.

There are several other factors that will help determine how much e-liquid you need to purchase. The size of your coil, the type of vaporizer that you are planning on using or use, and how much wattage you’re running on the vaporizer. The bigger the coil and the higher the wattage, the more e-liquid you’re going to use. It makes sense if you’re blowing massive clouds all day long, then you’re going to be burning your way through a lot of vape liquid.

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