Shake & Vape Shortfill Eliquid

Shake N Vape, Shortfilled eliquids contain 50ml of 0mg (Nicotine Free) eliquid. The bottles have a capacity of 60ml and filled to approximately 80% of this capacity, so the end user can add 10ml of additional flavour bumping liquid (Nicotine Shot), & the strength will very depending on what Nicotine shot is used.


18mg, Max VG, unflavoured, 10ml Nicotine Shot.



0mg, 50ml, shortfilled, Shake & Vape Eliquid



The majority of UK vapours will add 10ml of 18mg Nic shot to a 50ml shortfilled, shake n vape eliquid. Then they will give it a good shake, and let it set for a few minutes, the result of this turn make the mixture into a 60ml fluid and will contain 0.3% or 3mg Strength.

For an additional strength, some vapours will add 20ml (2 x 10ml) of 18mg Nic shots to the 50ml, 0mg, shortfilled, shake n vape eliquid, and turn it into a 70ml fluid with a 0.6% or 6mg strength.


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