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Pistachia 100ml Eliquid - SKWEZED - E-liquid Vape Deals UK

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Pistachia Vape liquid by Skwezed comes in a 100ml Zero (0mg) nicotine strength and has a 70% Vegetable Glycerin to 30% Polypropylene Glycol base mix.

This E-liquid has a smooth, creamy pistachia flavour for a sensational vape for all nut lovers.

Vape.A.Box is proud to introduce Pistachia vape juice to E-liquid vape deals at a superbly low price, so grab yourself a vaping bargain today.

This e-liquid comes with 2 x Nicotine Shots when you purchase using eliquid vape deals UK.

Product Specs

Ratio: 70/30

Size: 100ml

Strength: 0mg (comes with 2 x nicotine shots)

Flavour: Pistachio and Cream